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If you are someone who is enthusiastic about the health and overall appearance of your hair, you might want to consider investing in a good quality durag that will help you keep your hair strong, healthy and clean. Durags can be worn by those who have coarse hair texture and want straight and neat hair. If you’re trying to grow out your hair, keep it looking its best, or want to learn more about its history, keep reading. Then there are two satin durags that offer amazing compression to keep your waves in place. Never place velvet into the dryer no matter their size or type. My naturally curly hair would be brushed forward and then pressed tightly with the stocking cap to hold it in place. You also know that your mom might have a stocking cap for you. After so many brushing sessions and stocking cap usage, Well those linear follicles got wavy like the ocean, and soon started to cascade down the sides of my fade, I was witnessing a tsunami.

You can use detergents like Persil Handwash, Woolite Delicates Care, or Tide Free and Gentle. Where can you buy a durag? The durag was explicitly listed as grounds for no entry at a bar on my college campus. What Else Can I Use Instead of a Durag? Not only is it good for your hair – it can also contribute to social change! I cross the street at the corner after looking both ways, like a good 10-year-old. On this day I crossed and opened that door and was blinded by the reflection from a royal blue headdress this King was wearing. If you can find a bodega, corner store or beauty hair supply spot, there’s a good chance you will find a durag nestled in an overhead compartment or below the combs. Regularly wearing a durag can force your hair to grow flat and help you maintain your beloved hair waves.

Here are many benefits of wearing a durag. While most people might think that these special cloths are simple a fashion statement, durags actually have a lot of benefits as well. Without wasting any more time, let us dive in to the article and take a look at the many benefits that wearing a durag offers! I brushed my hair day and night, and learned how to let it grow for a month and let it “wolf”. In present day people are sometimes viewed as “tacky”, “ghetto” or “hood” for wearing the rag outside of the house. This is quite possibly the most popular reason behind why so many people wear durags. The two straps should form an X at the center behind your ears. I take the same walk from my Grandads up the hill, cross two intersections and make a right. Make sure the material feels comfortable. Make a loop with the tie to the back of your head and tie them securely with a knot. The fabric was used to protect the head from the desert sun during a heatwave. It could damage the antimicrobial layer of the fabric.

They also protect your hair and scalp from the UV rays of the sun, and help to keep your hair strong and healthy without needing the use of any harmful chemicals which might damage your hair even more. During summer when the temperatures start to go high and sweating tarts to pose a problem, durags help to soak up the sweat build-up in the scalp and helps keep you cool. There will be no accumulation of sweet leaving your hair and scalp cool. There is an absolute freedom to create clothing of any sort, and as such, those interested in fantasy clothing will begin to incorporate their own concepts into their attire. While there is some truth to those stories and points of view, you are still taking a risk as you do not know which dry clean only clothing can be washed until you washed them for the first time. That move should ruin your clothing faster than anything else.

Finally, it will maintain the hairstyle even as you move while keeping the locks firmly secured. Wearing a durag also locks in the moisture and natural oils of the hair, and promotes healthy and shiny hair. Fill your mind with the image of Solange Knowles at the Met Gala wearing a heavenly durag that simply read “My God wears a durag” on an extended cape. Still, you ask, “but what is a durag”. Durags go a long way in helping to improve the quality of hair. The fabric is high quality velvet which also helps you to lock in the moisture. It also keeps your hair clean and helps lock the moisture. It prevents stray hair from escaping the braids, and keeps your hair looking neat and glossy for a much longer time. It keeps your hair from becoming unkempt. You’ll have strong, shiny hair. Before you throw the Thinx in the washing machine, make sure that you have rinsed them in the sink first. After designing and sewing my very first DuRag, I posted it on Instagram and the response was “I need one of those”. Durags are your one stop solution to this problem. Friction during sleep can cause the braids to become messy and wearing a durag helps with this problem as well.

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